Osteoarthritis (also known as regular arthritis) is a degenerative bone disease common in the elderly population and athletes.  Arthritis causes pain and stiffness with occasional swelling.  Patients often state that they are unable to exercise or walk with loved ones due to increased pain.  Arthritis is caused by the break down of cartilage due to "wear and tear" or trauma to a joint.  Arthritis causes: bone spurs, joint space narrowing due to thinning of cartilage, sclerotic or hardening of bone and cyst formations. 

How is arthritis diagnosed?  A good physical exam and medical interview will most likely give your provider many answers, x-ray are often done to verify the severity of the disease.

What is the treatment? All patients should try conservative treatment options before considering surgery.  Anti-inflammatories such as Aleve, Meloxicam or Celebrex work very well for arthritis if taken properly.  I usually tell my patients to take anti-inflammatories everyday for 2 weeks and then stop taking them for awhile and see how they do with their symptoms.  Often if your body reaches a therapeutic level over 2 weeks the medication will stay in your system and continue to work for you for a longer period.  

Topical medications are beneficial for many patients and can be bought over the counter or available by prescription. 

Corticosteroid injections work very quickly to reduce pain and decrease inflammation and should last 3-6 months ideally. 

Viscosupplement injections are another option for arthritic knees, this medication is a thick viscous fluid we put in your knee to help your knee to move better.  This medicine takes 4-6 weeks to gain maximum effect but ideally should last 6 months.  

Physical therapy and exercise when done correctly are ideal for arthritis patients because it keeps your weight down and your joints flexible. 

Vitamin supplementation with Calcium and Vitamin help to keep joints healthy and strong.  Other alternatives for certain arthritis include: braces, heat therapy gloves or knee wraps.

JStim Arthritis Therapy System is a cumulative therapy, and should be part of a therapy regimen for 6-12 months for optimal results.

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